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Lord Brahma temple at Pushkar, Ajmer Market Darga


Savitri Temple and Gayatri Temple

Both Lord Brahma's wives’ temples are on the top of two separate hills by the sacred lake and town.

Naag Pahar (Snake Mountain)

A few hour visit to Naag Pahar is an another attraction for the tourists, where several other Temples, Wild Life, Birds, Waterfalls & Caves can be seen.

Baijnath and Panchkund

These are the famous Picnic Spots in the mountain, people want to visit again and again to enjoy the beauty of the Nature.

Desert, Rose Gardens and Villages

A half day or full day Camel, Horse, Jeep or Camel Cart Safari takes visitors to show Sand Dunes in the desert, Pink Rose Gardens (Pink Roses are only available in Pushkar area and no where else in the world, it is known as the largest producer & exporter of Pink Roses all over the world), Fruit Gardens and small interior Villages where rural life style is still totally untouched from urbanization. A life time feeling, for sure.


Shopping with bargain at a narrow street of Main Bazar around holy lake is full of Handicraft items, Stitched and Unstitched Cloths, Silver, Gold and Artificial Jewellary, Paintings & Antiquities etc., is a real experience.

Dargah (Ajmer)

Great Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisthi's mosque is as famous as Pushkar. The Shrine is considered next to the Mecca/Madina for Muslims. Annual Urs (Death anniversary of Khwaja Saheb) is celebrated for 10 days in Islamic month Rajab.

Soni Temple (Ajmer)

Also known as ‘Soni Ji ki Nasiyan’, a well preserved, Unique Temple is famous for its entire architecture, richly adorned glass mosaic, gold plated figures, silver work and precious stones, which is worth visiting.

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